How Big Should A Doormat Be?

We don't often give too much attention to this home accessory. But when buying a doormat, is there a recommended size that you should get for it to do its job effectively? We asked the home experts and here's what we got.

Your doormat size should be at least 80% of the width of the door where you'll use it. Since doors come in different sizes, you can use this as a guide in choosing the right size. This will give you maximum surface coverage to help trap most of the dirt and moisture on the soles of your shoes.

Keep reading to learn why you need a doormat of the appropriate size. We'll also tell you about the different sizes of these mats, where you should put them, and how often you should have them replaced so they can serve their purpose well.

Doormat with Welcome word standing in front of the house door, How Big Should A Doormat Be?

What Size Should Your Doormat Be?

A doormat may seem insignificant to some people but it has a sworn duty to not let the dirt get inside our houses. It serves as a barrier to keep off debris and contaminants that we've got on our footwear from getting inside our house.

However, for a doormat to be effective, it should come in the right size. Should it be too small, it won't be able to catch most of the dirt but if it is too big, it might get in the way.

Home experts say that the ideal doormat size should be at least 80% of the width of the door where you intend to put it. It shouldn't cover the door's entire width area.

Welcome mat says Hello by a front door

For example, the standard width of an exterior door is 36". The proportionate length of the mat would be 29". This is close enough to the standard doormat size of 18" X 30". This will give you optimum surface coverage so that the doormat can do its job well.

Of course, it follows that if you have a smaller door, such as those used indoors, you need a smaller mat and if you have double doors, they require a larger mat or 2 regular-sized mats.

Aside from maximizing foot coverage, having the right size is also more pleasing to the eye as it is visually proportionate. It would be kind of weird seeing a small mat in front of a double door, don't you think?

What Size Is A Large Doormat?

The good news is that doormats are available in different sizes so it shouldn't be too hard to get one (or more) for your house. They also come with nice designs and colors that'll add character to your home.

If you need a bigger mat, there are doormats that come in large sizes. The standard size for a large doormat is 24"X36". It is recommended to use for front doors that have a sidelight on one or both sides.

But you should also be mindful of the thickness of your doormat. If it's too thick, you might trip over it and it might get in the way when you're opening the door. But if it's too thin, it might not be able to stay in place properly.

So you should choose a doormat with the right size and thickness that'll allow it to do its job effectively.

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What Size Doormat For A Double Door?

As mentioned above, you would need a doormat with a bigger size for a double door. Let's do the math again for the proper mat size.

The standard width of American double doors can be 60", 64", or 72". With these figures, you should be getting a doormat with a size of 48", 52", and 58" respectively.

We know what you're thinking. There aren't mats sold in the market with those sizes unless you have them customized. But don't worry because you can just buy 2 doormats and put them together so you can have a properly-sized doormat for your double door.

Why You Should Have A Doormat

Woman stands on a welcome mat on the porch of a home

The importance of doormats is oftentimes overlooked. In reality, it serves the important purpose of acting as a barrier between the exterior and interior of our homes.

Doormats trap dirt, mud, debris, and other contaminants that are on shoes or feet. There's less chance of staining your carpet with dirt or triggering your allergies with dust. Besides, with less dirt, you need less time to clean the house so that's a win-win situation right away!

It also absorbs moisture on our shoes or feet and traps it inside until the day you have to wash them again. Drying off wet surfaces also prevents accidents from happening when the floor is wet. With a doormat, you have a stable surface to stand on as you avoid the slippery mess.

Besides, doormats come in different shapes and colors that add to the aesthetic look of our homes. Some even have words printed on them that can be your way of greeting family members and guests as they enter your home. You can even switch out your doormats throughout the changing seasons and holidays.

Should A Doormat Go Inside Or Outside?

It is not only the size of the doormat that's important. Placement also matters. It wouldn't be of much use when you put your doormat in the wrong place.

Although doormats are usually placed outside the door, it's really up to you if you want to have them outside or inside.

Some prefer to put them outside so that they'll immediately catch all the dirt and mud stuck on their shoes. But some put them inside because harsh weather conditions can affect the quality and performance of the mats.

If they are all wet and soggy from the rain, they wouldn't be of much use. Or if the heavy winds blow them away, it's such a hassle to have to look for them each time.

It also depends on the material of your mat. If it is made of a more durable material with an open backing to allow moisture to escape, you can place it outside your front door. But if it is made of softer material, it's best to put it indoors.

What's important is that your mat is right next to the door, whether inside or outside, so that it can immediately act as a dirt barrier and you'll have a cleaner floor. It's even better if you have one outside to trap the mud and dirt and another one inside to absorb the moisture. That's double protection for you!

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How Often Should You Replace A Doormat?

The life expectancy of a doormat depends on the quality of the material used, frequency of usage, and the environment where it is located.

Door mat with welcome word standing in front of the house door


Doormats can be made out of different materials such as polypropylene, polyester, cotton, ropes, acrylic, nylon, or wool. Wood, metal, rubber, wire mesh, or coconut husk can also be used to make these mats. Some even come with a rubber or PVC backing.

Rope doormats are not as durable as rubber mats so if you have one made of rubber, you can expect it to last longer than a mat that's made of rope.

Foot Traffic

The life expectancy of a doormat would also depend on the frequency of usage. Those located in areas with high foot traffic will wear out sooner than those that are in less busy areas.


It also matters where the doormat is located. Putting it at the front door exposes the mat to different weather elements which make it prone to damages and deteriorate faster.

Mats that are placed in a moist environment should be replaced more frequently, otherwise, they'll be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria which defeats their main purpose. We don't want that to happen, right?

Depending on the quality of the doormat, it may have a life expectancy of 6 months to 1 year. It's always best to check the condition of the mat to determine if you should have it replaced already.

Since doormats absorb dirt, mud, and other contaminants, you would also need to clean them regularly. This will also help in making them last longer and continue to effectively do their job.

Some mats can be cleaned using your washing machine while some may require you to do the cleaning yourself. You can shake off the dust and dirt, use a vacuum, or scrub them with a brush to make sure that they are clean. But check the manufacturer's cleaning instructions first to avoid damaging your mat.

Final Thoughts

Get a doormat with the right size proportionate to the width of your door. It will give you maximum protection from dirt and other contaminants that can affect the cleanliness of your home. Remember, a clean home is a healthy home.

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