Does Lowe’s Install Doors?

Remodeling your home calls for a great deal of planning and budgeting. And you might consider getting your front door improved or replaced. Front doors can increase your property value while adding curb appeal to your home. If you’re wondering how to jumpstart your project, we've done the research so you can consider contracting out to Lowe’s for your door installation.

Yes, Lowe’s installs almost all types of doors. Having marked a name in the home improvement's niche, Lowe’s are professional and independent installers for interior and exterior doors. If you choose to avail of their services, you'll get to enjoy these added advantages:

  • Full assurance of product expertise and technical knowhow
  • One-year labor warranty protection
  • Special financing options to suit your budget

Embarking on your door project can be a complicated process. You need to look into all the nitty details, such as the door itself, the frame, and the surrounding wall. Stay on this page for a helpful guide on your project.

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How much does Lowe's charge to install a front door?

To get your project started with Lowe’s, their representative would visit your house for a visual inspection. This is your opportunity to discuss with them what would be the best material and style for your front door.

After which, they will give you an initial quote that includes the labor cost and the type of front door you have chosen. We have listed below the cost comparisons to help you decide, taking in mind your budget. Also, we have explained all other service charges in detail.

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Measuring Fee

The task involves taking the exact dimensions of the door opening and frame. Simple as it may seem, but Lowes recommends that it should be done by their installers. Doing it by yourself would not guarantee that you can give the precise dimensions since getting the measurements require certain skills and techniques. 

The measurements are done during the initial inspection at your house. Lowe's charges $30 to $50 for this measuring service.

Door Type

The installation cost is primarily determined by the type of door you intend to order. You can choose either the slab or a pre-hung door. The mounting process and the time involved differ for each type.

The table below shows Lowe's installation costs for each door type and further divided for solid or hollow core models:

Door Type Slab Door Pre-Hung Door
Solid Core $ 80 $ 100 $ 160 $ 180
Hollow Core $ 30 $ 40 $ 70 $ 80
Labor $ 120 $180 $ 100 $ 300

The pre-hung door type costs higher because it comes with all its necessary components, a pre-install slab, hinges, and frame. It will only take around 30 minutes to mount this kind of door.

Also, the pre-hung door type weighs heavier and bigger in size, hence it takes more personnel to get it mounted correctly. This factor adds up to the labor cost.

For the slab door type, it is the door itself, hence, mounting is simple since it is installed on the current door frame. In case the door frame is not found to be adequate to have the slab door fitted properly, additional carpentry may be done, which will add up to the cost.

Door Material and Style

Lowe's installation cost also depends on the door material. The door is either made of wood, steel, or fiberglass. Each has its own variations and price range.

  • Wooden Doors - These are the most common for front doors or any exterior entrances. You can choose between solid wood, solid core, or hollow core. The most expensive type is the solid wood for exterior doors, which costs up to $500 per unit.

  • Steel Doors - These doors are heavier and they need more personnel to do the installation job. Hence, the cost would be a range of $500 to $1,230.

  • Fiberglass Doors - They have large molded sides and polyurethane foam core that make this type of door long-lasting and minimal maintenance. It weighs heavier and the cost of installing is likely the same as steel doors. 

Additionally, the different door styles also make significant differences in installation charges for Lowes. It depends on the complexity of the job, which requires more work and effort, notwithstanding the cost of door material used.

The table below shows the different styles for front doors and their corresponding ranges in installation costs:

Door Style Installation Cost (material and labor)
French door
Consists of 2 identical glass panels that open outwards. The glass quality used can significantly affect the installation cost.

$600 - $5,800
Double door
The cost of material weighs more than the cost of labor. 
$750 - $5,000
Single entry
A solid or hollow core is used for this door type. Either variant gives a wide disparity in installation cost.  

$500 - $2,000
Entry with sidelights
Uses vertical glass panels on both sides, which gives more natural light to the interior. The sidelights cost at least $800, which adds to the installation cost.  

$2,000 - $6,500
Bi-dold door
Typically uses 2 to 7 glass panels that can fold like an accordion. Installation cost mainly depends on the number of panels used. 

$150 - $1,350

Carpenter process on of door hinge installation hands screwing hinge with screwdriver

Can I replace a door without replacing the frame?

Yes, you can replace a door without replacing the frame. You can install a new door to an existing frame, provided that the door frame is still up to standard or very much in good shape.

To install a new door without replacing the frame, basic carpentry is just as needed to accomplish the job. But there is a difficult step in the process which is the routing or chiseling portion. In this part, precision is expected and skilled carpentry is needed.

First and foremost, you need to determine the exact position of the hinges, deadbolt, and handle. The positioning of these door elements in the new door is basically patterned from the old door.

After determining the precise location of the hinges, deadbolt, and handle in the new door, chiseling or routing comes in. You need to chisel out the cutouts for the door elements. This is done in order that the new door will hang in exactly the same way in the old frame as the dismantled door did. 

Before deciding to replace the door, it would be appropriate to fully examine the entire door unit. Check if the door does not close properly or if there are gaps around the door that need insulation.

By closely examining the whole door unit, you can determine if it is only the door that needs to be replaced, or both the door and the frame.

What are the signs that you need to replace your door frame?

You need to look into these indicators below that your door frame may need replacement, or it would make more sense if it should also be replaced together with the new door.

  • Deformed or warping wood
  • Deep scratches at the wood surface
  • Dents 
  • Holes at surface bored by rats and insects
  • Wood condition, if some parts are rotten or worn out

Luckily, in some instances, the damage to the wood frame is not extensive that it may be repaired. Or a simple repainting or refurbishing can give it a new look. Otherwise, getting a full replacement of your door frame will be more beneficial.

Normally, doors that are heavily used get the most wear to the door frame. These are the doors that are the main passageway for entry and exit of your home, the main door of the living room, the back door of the kitchen, and also the door to the garage. 

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How long does it take to replace an exterior door?

To replace an exterior door, it will take an average of 5 or 6 hours to complete the job. Replacing your exterior door can be managed by a DIY homeowner and it doesn’t usually require professional carpentry. 

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In Closing

For your front door installation, getting professional help from Lowe’s brings a lot of perks and advantages. With your budget in mind, they give you a wide array of options for your front door as to door type, material, and style. 

Labor warranty protection and financing options come with their door installation package. In addition, Lowe’s installers can advise you if you only need to replace the door and not the frame. It will take an average of 5 to 6 hours to complete the job of replacing your exterior door.


  1. I love Lowes and trust the brand. It’s great to know that they not only sell doors but can install them as well. Thanks!

  2. I want to replace 3 security entrance doors. Locations is a townhouse. How do I make a appt to begin? Is there a charge for estimate? How soon can job be scheduled? Is this service billed to my lowes card?

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