Do Passage Door Knobs Turn?

In choosing door handles, you should consider what type of door they will go on. Some door knobs are made for specific purposes, and so, each of them functions differently. Interior doors will usually have a passage door knob, but how does this door handle type work? We've researched them for you and summed them up in this post.

Passage door knobs are comparable to a dummy door knob in function, but instead, these handles can turn and come with a latch. They operate on a latch mechanism on areas of a home that do not require security or privacy. Passage door knobs do not have a locking function. Thus, you can use them without a key.

Passage door knobs are convenient for quickly moving to and from rooms in a house or building. Opting for a passage door handle has its advantages and disadvantages. Keep reading to get further insight on these door knobs and how to install or replace them.

A passage door knob inside a house, Do Passage Door Knobs Turn?

What Is A Passage Door Knob Set?

Passage door handles do not have a locking mechanism, but they function with a latch to keep it in place. They provide less privacy than a lockable door would. A few examples where these knobs are commonly used are on closets and interior or passage doors.

A passage door knob is similar to a dummy door knob as both do not have locking functions. Both types of door handles are designed mainly for door operation rather than room security. Compared to a dummy door knob, however, passage door knobs are not fixed and can turn on either side of a door.

To do away with any confusion between passage and dummy door knobs, check out how a dummy door knob works in our post on Where To Use Dummy Door Knobs.

Pros And Cons Of Using A Passage Door Knob

A passage door knob set is ideal for interior use with how it operates. The knob keeps the door in place with the latch, but the knob only turns and doesn't require unlocking. Thus, this type of knobs allows easier passing from one room to another.

Their installation is also simple since the knob itself does not require a key. Attaching a passage door knob is similar to setting up a dummy door knob except that it includes a latch.

The main downside to using a passage door knob is the security. It is not lockable unless a deadbolt or additional lock is attached. With the knob alone, the level of protection it provides is low.

Regardless of the disadvantage mentioned above, a passage door knob is convenient when used for interior doors, such as in hallways.

Passage Door Knobs to Check Out

If you are thinking of an upgrade on the knobs of your interior doors, here are some of the top passage door knobs to choose from:

1. Schlage Plymouth Passage Knob

Schlage's Plymouth passage knob comes in smooth matte and metal textures for a clean look. They also give you the option to pick between a round or decorative faceplate. It fits into standard door sizes and offers one-tool installation, making it a quick addition to interior doors.

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2. Probrico Satin Nickel Passage Door Knob

This Probrico passage door knob has a nickel finish for a classic touch to the interior. The round knob features a unique flat front that adds to its modernity in appearance. These knobs have a metal construction, which increases security, strength, and durability.

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3. Kwikset Modern Passage Square Door Knob

A popular choice for modern hardware is Kwikset's square passage door knob for its simple and versatile style. This knob also comes in different finishes ranging from matte to nickel and bronze. It is made with a Microban coating to protect the hardware from dirt and damage, keeping them relatively cleaner than most unprotected surfaces.

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4. Amazon Basics Closet Door Knob

Amazon Basics offers a closet door knob with an oil rubbed finish, giving it a neat, polished look at a low cost. The knob features a brass body with a steel internal structure that adds to its overall durability. Because the knob is lightweight, installation is easier to complete within short time frames.

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Can Passage Door Handles Be Used Outside?

You can use passage door handles outside, but note that they do not guarantee protection over an entrance function door knob. The lack of security from the knobs makes it an inadequate option for exterior doors. These may work well on exterior doors that lead to a balcony but are not preferred on doors that lead to a house's main exit.

Some people prefer to have door knobs that give ease of access, such as a passage door knob. A deadbolt can be installed for added security when using it for outside doors. Although the lock will only work from one side of the door, it is sturdy enough to keep you secure and prevents you from locking yourself out of the house.

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How Do You Install A Passage Door Knob?

Purchasing a passage door knob set includes all the parts you will need during the installation. In addition to the door knob set, prepare the following tools:

  • Drill
  • Safety goggles
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood chisel
  • Measuring tape

Once your tools are ready, follow these steps on how to install the door knob:

  1. Prepare the door by measuring and drilling where the door knob goes. These include the door knob's height, position, and latch placement. Be careful with keeping the drill level to ensure the door knob's hardware functions smoothly.
  2. Place the latch bolt into the hole at the edge of the door. Make sure the curved edge touches the door's frame when closed. Note that the latch bolt plate should be flush with the door. If not, use a wood chisel to take off a part of the door.
  3. Use the bolt plate to mark where to drill holes for mounting.
  4. Insert the latch bolt and the faceplate in their respective positions. Secure them with screws.
  5. Thread the passage spindle through the door after pushing the latch bolt inwards.
  6. Place the exterior door knob onto the latch bolt assembly, then insert the interior door knob. Be sure to align them in the right places.
  7. Thread the mounting hardware through the exterior door knob. Secure them firmly with a screwdriver.
  8. Mark the strike plate location based on the latch bolt's position. A tip for this is to apply paint or chalk onto the end of the latch bolt, close the door, then rotate the knob a few times to make a mark on the door frame.
  9. Position the strike plate onto the door frame according to the mark. The curved edge should be touching the latch bolt's curved edge when the door is closed. Use the chisel to cut off around the hole to keep the strike plate flush with the door frame.
  10. Firmly secure the strike box and strike plate to the door frame with screws.

How Do You Replace A Door Knob On A Passage?

When replacing a passage door knob, you will not always have to remove all the hardware. Purchase a knob that is big enough to cover up the holes from the previous handle or fits the current door knob's measurements.

Switching door knobs work easier when replacing them with the same type of handle. For instance, if you are using a door lever, the replacement should also be a lever.

The following steps explain how to replace them:

  1. Unscrew the exterior and interior door knobs and take out the spindle.
  2. Position the new spindle and door knobs in the proper places. Align the door knobs enough to cover up the existing holes.
  3. Firmly secure each door knob with screws as needed.
  4. Test to see if the handles are functioning correctly.

If you have to replace the latch, you will need to remove the door knobs first. Once you unscrew and remove the handles and latch, proceed to install the new hardware. Reinstall the previous door knobs if you will not be changing them.

In Closing

Passage door knobs are an optimal option for doors that need minimal security and high ease of access. Although they do not include a locking mechanism, these handles have latches, meaning they can turn and stay firmly in place when the door is closed. If using these on exterior doors, it will require you to purchase a lock to use separately.

Because a passage door knob set has only a few components, they are also conveniently easy to install and replace. Usually, replacements are made by switching out the knobs only. These put them at an advantage for homeowners who want door handles that offer simple operation and maintenance.

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