Do Door Knobs Come With Keys?

Have you ever wondered why certain door knobs in your home do not have keys? Or should each doorknob in your home have a key? We asked these questions to our door experts and here's what we found out.

Not all door knobs come with keys. It would depend on the type of door knob that you're getting. Keyed entry, storeroom, and privacy door knobs come with keys while passage and half dummy door knobs do not.

Continue reading to learn more about the different types of door knobs, which ones come with keys, and how many keys you expect to get for those knobs that have keyed locks. We'll also help you choose the right door knob for your house. Let's talk about door knobs and keys today!

A home key with metal house keychain in keyhole, Do Door Knobs Come With Keys?

What Comes With A Door Knob Set?

There are different kinds of door knobs. The type of door knob that you choose will determine what comes with the set that you'll receive.

Let's familiarize ourselves with the different door knob types and find out what they come with.

Home key with metal house keychain in keyhole

Keyed Entry

This can be used for exterior and interior entry doors. They have a locking mechanism to enhance your security. There are two knobs, one on the outside and another one inside the door.


This is also a keyed entry door knob. As the name implies, it is used for storage rooms. It comes with two knobs. The outside knob is always locked and you would need a key to gain access inside. The interior knob freely turns to unlock the door from the inside.


This is used for interior doors such as those in the bedroom and bathroom. It provides privacy to the users by having a locking mechanism.

Privacy knobs also come in two halves. There's a turn button on the inside and a keyed lock outside. However, the lock comes with an emergency key or it can be opened using other tools in the house in case of an emergency.


This is also used for interior doors for rooms that don't require privacy such as hallways and closets. There are two knobs, but they don't come with any locks. The knobs can be turned freely as you come and go.

Half Dummy

This can be used to pull open doors such as wardrobes and cabinets. It does not turn and cannot be locked. It also comes with a single knob only.

With the exception of passage and half dummy door knobs, a new door knob set will also include keys to be able to lock and unlock the door.

Other door hardware also comes with the set such as the latch assembly, strike plate, and screws. This will help in the ease of installation so that the knobs will be ready to use in no time.

How Many Keys Come With A New Door Lock?

When you buy a keyed door lock, it usually comes with two matching keys—one for you to use all the time and another as a spare. Some sets come with three keys—one as a spare and there are two more keys for the two adults in the house. This was attested to by different subscribers of Quora.

The number of keys that your new door lock comes with depends on the manufacturers. It would also depend on the type of door lock that you're getting.

As mentioned earlier, passage and half dummy door knobs don't have locks. Electronic locks also don't come with keys. You have to enter a security code to gain access inside the door.

Smart door locks also don't need physical keys. You can control the opening and closing of the door using your smartphones or mobile devices that can be connected to your WiFi or Bluetooth.

Can You Put A Key Lock On A Bedroom Door?

Key and house symbol keychain in a white door to a bedroom

You can put a key lock on a bedroom door, but it is not advisable. It is considered a safety hazard because it'll be hard to get to you in case of an emergency when your door is locked.

Think about a fire or being paralyzed. How can help reach you quickly when your door is locked and no one else has the key to open it?

However, there are instances when it is alright to have a keyed lock on interior doors. One possible scenario is when you have the bedrooms rented out for guests and travelers. Visitors would want to secure their belongings aside from having privacy.

You can still put locks on typical bedroom doors but these can be the privacy locks or push-button type of locks. They can be locked from the inside with a simple push of the button.

Yes, it would still require a key to unlock it from the outside but in case the key cannot be found, it can conveniently be unlocked using other tools such as a screwdriver or a coin.

Or if you just need some privacy and don't want to be bothered, you can put a door stopper or a door wedge underneath your bedroom door to deny easy access inside. If you feel unsafe from thieves and intruders, you should really be enhancing the security of your exterior doors.

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How Do You Get A New Door Knob With The Same Key?

If you still want to use your old key for your new door knob, you can have the lock rekeyed. Rekeying is changing the current lock mechanism so that you can use your old key and the keys it originally came with would no longer be able to open it.

It would require specialized tools and skills to be able to do this successfully. The key pins in your new door lock need to be replaced so that your old key will be able to fit in there perfectly.

You can take the new lock to your trusted locksmith and they'll be able to do it in a matter of minutes. There are some hardware stores that can do the rekeying as well. They usually charge a minimal fee for this task.

Contributors in a DIY website recommend that you get the same brand as your old lock or door knob to make rekeying a lot easier. Some brands follow specific cross-sectional shapes for their keys.

A leading door lock manufacturer also offers their very own re-keying kit which allows you to do the changing of the pins by yourself.

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How Do I Know What Door Knob To Buy?

If you've gone to a hardware store looking for a door knob, chances are you'll be overwhelmed with the wide array of choices. They literally come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. To help you buy the best door knob, here's a list of important factors that you need to consider:

  1. Measurement. Don't assume that any door knob will fit perfectly into your door. You need to get the precise measurement of your door's thickness, bore holes, and backset.
  2. Security. You need door knobs with tough security for your exterior doors to protect you from criminal minds. You can check the security grade provided by the American National Standards Institute as a guide.
  3. Locking mechanism. There are different types of locking mechanisms. You can choose from keyed, keyless, push button or thumbturn.
  4. Privacy. This is intended for interior doors. Decide on the level of privacy that you need for each room so you can choose the right door knobs. You need more privacy in the bedroom and bathroom so you can install push-button locks in these areas.
  5. Ease of installation. It's much better if you can install the door knobs by yourself instead of having to hire someone to do it for you. It'll save you a lot of bucks along the way.
  6. Ease of use. Using a door knob shouldn't be complicated but for some people with certain health conditions, a door handle or push pull knob would be more convenient to use.
  7. Aesthetics. Door knobs are available in different finishes, color, style, and shape. It would depend on your personal preference and how they would complement the overall design of your house.

Take note of these features when you go shopping for your door knobs to get the perfect fit for your home.

Final Thoughts

Not all door knobs come with keys. It depends on the type of door knob and its functionality in your home. Some knobs are meant to provide you with security, some will give you privacy, while some will just give you something to grab onto as you pass by the door.

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