Do Door Knobs Come with Both Sides

Throughout history, door knobs have changed in design but not in functionality. Door knobs or handles are still to open and close doors. It can be fun, but also challenging, to pick an appropriate door knob for your door because there are a variety of knobs and handles meant for different doors. So, should you expect to get both sides of a door knob when you buy them? We asked experts, and they gave us some answers.

The answer is yes! Door knobs are sold in pairs with an exception of a few. Cupboard and center door handles or knobs don't come in pairs. Therefore, it will depend on the type of door you will be picking a door knob or handle for to see if they come in pairs.

Not only do door knobs come in pairs in most cases, but you could also pick either left or right handles for your doors. Continue reading to find out about different types of door handles and knobs on the market.

Woman Hand is Holding Door Knob While Opening a door. Do Door Knobs Come with Both Sides

Types Of Door Knobs

Door knobs and handles can be decorative or functional. In most cases, a door knob can be decorative and highly functional as well. Hardware stores have a wide variety available for homeowners to choose from. The four types of door knobs and handles are:

  • Privacy set
  • Dummy knob
  • Keyed entrance lock
  • Passage lock

Depending on where you want a door knob placed, choose from the above options. Homeowners can have door knobs or handles custom-made to correspond with the home decor and increase the value of their homes.

close up photo of a bathroom privacy door knob

Privacy Set

These door knobs come in pairs, and one of the sides has a twist lock that works only from one side. Other privacy door knobs or levers have a button lock and a pinhole with a generic key to open them.

Privacy door knobs or handles are often easy, simple, and straightforward to install. They are often installed in bedrooms, home offices, or bathrooms. They prevent people from entering a room unannounced.

Installation locked interior door knobs

Dummy Knobs

Dummy door knobs and handles don't have a locking mechanism but come in pairs. These door knobs function like handles to open or close a door because you don't have to twist to open them.

You will find dummy knobs on double doors in shallow closets, cupboards, or wardrobes for aesthetics and like handles.

Door knobs or aluminum door

Keyed Entrance Lock

These door knobs and handles must come in pairs because they have a locking mechanism and make a bold statement in any home. These door knobs or handles are mostly for front doors, garage doors, or back doors.

Keyed entrance door knobs and handles have evolved but the locking and securing function remains.

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Passage Lock

Passage door knobs, also known as unkeyed door knobs and are very similar to dummy knobs. They are installed on both sides of the door mostly to assist in opening or closing a door.

As the name suggests, passage door knobs are commonly mounted on doors in passages or hallways. Their primary function is to aid open and closing the door as a door handle.

How To Choose A Door Knob

Homeowners understand the value of having a well-decorated house. Door knobs and handles show the effort that has been put into every detail.

When choosing door knobs for your home, you must consider the following factors.

  • Home decor: Choose door handles that will complement the doors in your home style.
  • Functionality & Location: Your door knobs and handles should provide privacy, security, or both wherever installed in the home.
  • Sides: Depending on how your doors are installed you might need to consider whether you need left or right-sided door knobs.

What Side Should A Door Knob Be On?

A door knob should be on the opposite side of the hinge on a traditional door. If the door hinge is on the right, then the door knob will be on the left.

The door knob must be a right-sided one and vice-versa. Most doors have right-handed door knobs because a large population on the planet is right-handed.

Other types of doors, such as sliding doors or barn doors, can have door knobs or handles placed to open them conveniently. Door knobs and handles on these might be closer to the center of the doors.

Can You Mix And Match Door Hardware (Incl. The Same Door Inside/Outside)

Yes, you can. When you mix and match door hardware, you might come up with some interesting designs. But, don't get carried away and compromise your security or privacy.

There are no clear-cut rules on mixing and matching. You could have different door knobs or handles on either side of the same door to fit the respective decor on each side of the room. Ensure that they come from the same family to avoid conflict.

Manufacturers have door hardware that fits different doors but looks similar. A homeowner could choose door hardware that comes in a pre-coordinated family like this.

To get a balanced look in your home, stick to the rules in designing your home. Use these rules of thumb:

  • Stick to the same finish. For example, have all door knobs either in bronze or nickel.
  • Choose similar design door hardware to give your home a harmonious look.
  • Pick door hardware that fits each door size and type. Don't go for oversized door knobs or small rosettes.

Do All Door Knobs Have The Same Key?

Mass-produced door knobs that are identical have the same key. Such door knobs are sold in bulk in hardware stores. They provide a quick solution to buyers who need a quick solution to their doors.

Manufacturers produce door knobs with the same key for buyers' convenience. It is arguable if they provide security or are a security breach.

The positive side of door knobs that have the same key is that:

  • They save time: whichever key you are holding, it'll open the door. You don't waste time rummaging through your pockets.
  • They save money: you don't need to buy different locks and door hardware.
  • Under one lock: the premise is literally under one lock and key. You free your hands from carrying around lots of keys.
  • Lost keys become a thing of the past.

Door knobs that come with one key for all are well-suited for places with high traffic such as offices, classrooms, dorm rooms, or hostels. Same key door knobs and handles are the number one choice for apartment and motel owners.

What Is A Double Dummy Door Knob?

A double dummy door knob is a door handle or knob that comes with knobs for both sides of double doors or French doors. These fake knobs as they are commonly known, have no locking mechanism or latch. They are mounted on the surface of the door.

To keep your doors in place, you should pair them with roller catch, flush bolts, or surface bolts. Hardware stores recommended double dummy door knobs for pantries, closets, wardrobes, or any side-by-side French doors.

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Door knobs, aluminum door white background. Do Door Knobs Come with Both Sides

In Closing

To sum up, door knobs come with both sides to make it easier for home designers and builders to purchase them in sets. It helps homeowners to save valuable time.

There are considerations for homeowners who would like to go the extra mile in decorating their homes. They can mix and match door knobs and handles that belong to the same family.

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