Do Door Handles Come With Latches?

If you have door improvement projects, choosing a suitable door handle is a must. Door handles determine the position of the door latch. Door handles also enhance the appearance of your doors. For most commercial and household use, door handles work with latches to add to the security feature for the door. The door handle and latch go hand in hand to make the door function. We have researched from the experts to guide you when purchasing door handles.

In general, door handles do not come with a latch. Most door latches and handles are separately sold. But some brands also offer sets that have matching handles and latches. There are different types of handles you can choose from. You can coordinate your door handle finish with the style that suits you. If you want to pair your door handle with your latch, you can buy matching ones or a set. If you want to use existing door latches that still work well, you can use them instead of buying a new one.

When purchasing the door latches and handle, make sure that the parts match. Even though working with an existing latch is less costly than buying a new one, the latch might not be in good condition. Weak latch springs strain the door handle, which makes the handle fail to work. Keep reading to learn more about door handles and latches.

Low angle view on white classic door with several types of safety locks, Do Door Handles Come With Latches?

Is A Latch A Handle?

A latch is common for internal doors that do not require a lock. It is a mechanical fastener compatible with door levers and knobs. Door latches control the opening or closing of doors. The door stays closed by joining the strike plate on one side and the latch on the other. There are different types of latches you can choose that suit your needs.

On the other hand, a door handle opens the closed door by activating the latch connected to the door frame. The handle determines the position of the door latch. A spindle bar connects the handle and the latch. When opening the door, you push down the handle to apply force. This force rotates the spindle at around 8 mm, which activates the latch bolt and opens the door.

Metal bolts, latches and hooks in wooden open door close-up

A handle and a latch can combine to become a latch door handle. A common type is a lever latch door on a backplate. This type attaches to the door frame with a mortise latch. The door handle has a lever that triggers the latch. Other types include lever on rose handles and mortise doorknobs.

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What Is The Standard Door Latch Size?

The backset of a latch is the basis for its size. The standard size for a door latch backset has a case depth of 2.50 to 3 inches and a backplate measuring 1.50 to 2 inches. The distance of the backset from the middle of the spindle is around 1.70 to 2.25 inches. If you will use a bigger latch with levers on roses, the measurement of the rose is around 2 inches in diameter.

How Do You Measure A Door Latch?

When choosing the latch for your door, always keep in mind that the latch determines the placement of your door handle. The backset is the measurement from the edge of the door to the center of the spindle hole. You also must consider any door panel, stile, or frame stop when measuring. Leave enough frame stop clearance to avoid any knuckle rash or scraping.

If you have an existing latch you want to replace, you can take the same measurements for convenience. In measuring this way, you can avoid additional filling or plunge routing process. Just remove the latch or measure from the edge of the door to the center of the spindle hole. You can also take note of the door latch brand to get the same specifications when purchasing.

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What Is A Dummy Door Handleset?

A dummy door handleset is a "fake" knob or lever installed on the door. These dummy door handles do not have an axle, a lock, or a latch. This type of handleset is common in interior hallways, closets, and low privacy rooms.

Dummy door handlesets can either be full or half. For full dummy door handlesets, this is mainly for decorative purposes and can come in a set. You only need to attach this type to the door with screws. There is also no need to turn the knob or pull down the lever.

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For half dummy door handlesets, there is a single lever or knob provided. Like full dummy handlesets, these also serve as a decoration for doors. The half dummy type is common for closet doors, which means you only need one door handle or knob instead of two.

How To Choose The Finish For A Door Handle?

You can choose the finishes of your door handles to suit the design of your door and the overall house interior. Aside from the aesthetics, it is also important to consider the door functions and accessories. Choosing the right finish is not hard because there is so much you can choose from. It is better to have one type of door handle finish for better design coordination.

House Design And Theme

Even though you have the freedom to choose the finish for your door handle, make sure that your choice matches the design elements of your home. Your interior and exterior door handles must be coordinating unless you really want to get eccentric with your style. Whether you choose a contemporary, rustic, or modern style, it is best to stick with one theme when choosing door handle finishes.

Door Function

Doors have functions for passage, privacy, or dummy purposes. In order to add functionality to doors, choose a matching handle that complements the doors. You can match passage and privacy door handles with your entry doors to suit your style.

Door Accessories

Also, consider your door accessories when choosing the right door handle finish. It is best to match your door handles with the finish of your door accessories. Door hinges, strike plates, and latches look better in a uniform finish. If your door hinges have a satin nickel finish, also get the same finish for your door handles.

Door Handle Finishes

The popular door handles follow the hot trends for home decor ideas. Popular door handle finishes include matte black, satin brass, and polished nickel. Here are some finishes you can choose for your door handles:

  • Aged Bronze - best for traditional, Victorian-style home
  • Matte Black - a fashionable yet versatile finish for a more modern look

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  • Oil-rubbed Bronze - great for the Mediterranean homes with ornate decors or stone accents

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  • Bright Brass - adds a vintage vibe that can easily match with most hardware and accessories

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  • Satin Brass - a good option if you want to tone down the shine of gold-toned finishes
  • Antique Brass - a mix of warm brown and gold tones that is great for houses with stone
  • Bright Chrome - a great choice for modern and minimalist homes

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  • Satin Chrome - a good option for contemporary styles and coordinates well with reclaimed wood
  • Polished Nickel - inspired from the Victorian era, this finish is best for bright places
  • Distressed Nickel - pairs well with traditional door knobs or levers, which is great for urban and industrial spaces
  • Satin Nickel - looks great with dark colors but also goes well with geometric designs and edgy furniture

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In Closing

Door handles enhance the appearance of your doors. Purchasing the right door handle must suit your latch to function properly. You can either buy door handles and latches separately or as a set. Where you want to place your door handle determines the position of your latch. It is best to measure each part to get the right fit. Door handles can also come in various designs and finishes that add to the aesthetics of your doors. Choose the best handle for your doors that will open to new possibilities.

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