Do Deadbolt Locks Come With Keys?

Installing deadbolt locks to a door can increase the overall level of security for a home. These are locks that distinctly require the use of a separate mechanism to open. But you might be wondering if deadbolt locks come with keys. And if they do, how many are included with them? We did the work to bring you the answer.

Deadbolt lock sets usually come with two keys when you purchase them. Some deadbolts do not include keys because of the manufacturer or lock type. To unlock deadbolt locks, you will need to use a knob or a key. This type of lock cannot open without these because they do not use spring-activated mechanisms, so they offer higher levels of security.

If you still have some additional questions, don't worry. In this post, we'll discuss the topic in more detail. There are a few things to consider to ensure improved safety when adding a deadbolt to a front door such as knowing when and how to rekey and when would be the best time to replace locks instead. Just keep reading!

A golden key inserted on the deadbolt lock of a door, Do Deadbolt Locks Come With Keys?

How Many Keys Come With A New Deadbolt?

When purchasing a deadbolt lockset, they may either come with keys or not. If the kit comes with keys, there will normally be two—one to use as the main key and another as a spare.

Other manufacturers do not include keys in deadbolt locksets. Instead, they make the locks available to use with a universal key. In some cases, they would require you to rekey the lock to fit your current keys.

A deadbolt lock along with other screws and mechanism on the table

Note that other deadbolt options make use of different locking mechanisms. Non-keyed options do not include any keys when you purchase them.

Common deadbolt types include single or double cylinder deadbolts, which both require a key. Different variants feature keyless mechanisms such as electronic deadbolt locks.

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Can All Door Locks Be Rekeyed?

Although you cannot rekey all types of door locks, it's possible to rekey most of them.

The process of rekeying involves changing the pins inside locks. It allows you to operate locks with a new key or match more than one lock to the same key.

Rekeying may also work on keyless door locks if they feature unlocking by using a backup key.

Is It Cheaper To Rekey Or Replace Locks?

When it comes down to costs, it is usually cheaper to have locks rekeyed than replaced. The price you pay when rekeying locks is the labor or kit. You do not have to purchase a new lockset.

Hiring a professional to replace a lock requires you to pay for labor and new hardware. If you will be replacing it yourself, you may end up spending more to get the required tools.

A worker installing a deadbolt lock on the front door

Note that damages and similar issues cannot be fixed by rekeying the lock. In this case, you will have to replace them or repair them through different methods.

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Why Should You Rekey A Lock?

Other than saving you money, rekeying locks come with several advantages. There are situations when replacing a lock would be viable. However, rekeying becomes a good alternative when replacements are not immediately necessary.

Consider these reasons to rekey your lock:


Carrying multiple keys can become a hassle, especially when you have to bring them wherever you go. The number of keys you need to keep track of is significantly reduced after rekeying.

Safety And Security

The security of a home highly depends on door locks. Whether you lost a key or recently moved in, rekeying will maintain home safety since it eliminates the risk of outsiders having a key that could access your doors.

Saves Time And Money

Unless you are purchasing a rekeying kit, you won't have to buy other hardware. In addition to saving on overall costs, the process takes only a few minutes, so you can have multiple locks rekeyed within a short time frame.

When Should You Rekey A Lock?

Rekeying locks won't always be the best option, especially when you're looking to rekey multiple door locks around the home. Knowing when to rekey them helps you determine whether your situation calls for simple rekeying or a complete replacement of locks.

A worker installing a deadbolt lock on the bedroom door

Here are a few reasons why you may want to rekey your locks:

1. Simpler Door Access

It's efficient to have a single master key for every deadbolt in the house, especially with entry doors. For entry doors with more than one keyed lock, you would be working with several keys and spares.

One way to simplify this is by rekeying all deadbolts for a single key. That way, each door has a separate knob key but works with only one master key.

2. Remodeling Or Upgrading Door Hardware

If you will be making upgrades to doors around the home, you might want to consider rekeying the locks during the process. It helps keep the deadbolts uniform if you have already rekeyed a few of them.

3. Lost Or Stolen Key

Losing a key is one of the main reasons to rekey locks. Whether it was misplaced or stolen, someone may be able to gain access to your home because of the missing key.

If you won't be changing doors or upgrading the home any time soon, a good solution to this issue is to rekey the locks.

4. Moving Homes

Like with missing a key, you won't know who owns a key that can access your home's locks. After moving into a previously owned home, consider having the locks rekeyed if you won't be replacing them.

Can You Rekey A Lock Yourself?

Rekeying a lock yourself is possible with the proper tools and instructions. Usually, you will need a rekeying kit for the brand of the lock you own.

These kits include the tools and parts required, but you can only use them on a certain number of locks. Check how many locks can be rekeyed with the kit to be sure you purchase as many as necessary.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to rekey a lock:

How To Rekey A Deadbolt Lock

A worker repairing the deadbolt lock of the front door

  1. Detach the deadbolt from the door by removing the screws that are holding it to the door.
  2. Once removed, take out the cylinder from the housing. Afterward, remove the endcap from the cylinder, then extract the retainer pin.
  3. Clear the pins from the plug and insert the new key.
  4. Follow the instructions provided when inserting the pins, making sure they are flush to the top part of the plug.
  5. Replace the cylinder to the housing, followed by replacing the retainer pin and endcap. Reinsert these back into the housing.
  6. Reattach the lock to the door after re-checking it.

Can A Locksmith Change Locks?

Yes, you can hire a locksmith to change your locks for you. They are capable of installing, replacing, and rekeying locks if needed.

The price for hiring a locksmith starts at $20 and increases if you need to get a lock rekeyed. When changing locks, the costs typically start at $50 for attached door locks or $20 to $30 per separated lock.

Some companies may charge you for a call-out service fee or have you cover the cost of materials.

In Closing

Most deadbolt locksets come with keys when purchased new. If not, you can rekey these locks to fit the current keys you already have. But keep in mind that rekeying cannot be performed on all types of door locks.

For older locks, check their condition to see if they can be rekeyed or if they should be replaced. These can be done with kits or with the help of a professional.

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