What Color Floor Goes With Oak Doors?

Nowadays, the trend is matching home elements to get a harmonious living space. The door and flooring can have similar colors to create a cohesive look for your house. If you have wood doors like oak, a coordinated floor color enhances the overall home design. But do most floor colors go well with oak doors? For your convenience, we put together a list of floor colors that match well with oak doors.

If you want to match your oak doors with your flooring, you can choose from these options:

  • Yellow or orange tones
  • Red
  • Dark brown to black
  • Neutral colors
  • Gray

For oak doors, there is a wide variety of colors that you can choose. You can even choose wood flooring to get a wood feel for your overall home design. It is important that your home elements, like the walls and furniture, go well with the chosen floor color. Continue reading to find out how to coordinate the colors of your oak door and your flooring.

An empty room with wooden oak door, What Color Floor Goes With Oak Doors?

Should Wood Doors Match The Floor?

It is not necessary to match your wood doors with your floor. Some prefer going with consistent colors for all doors and flooring, and that is fine. For some, they choose complementary colors.

Since there are various colors from different manufacturers, you don't need to rush when selecting the right floor color. But if you want to learn more about matching floor color with your oak doors, keep reading for some useful strategies to match and coordinate colors.

An empty room with brown wooden door

Color Matching Strategies

To match your door and floor, you must first examine the stain of the oak door. Try to determine the main and noticeable secondary colors. After checking the stain, follow these tips to match the floor color:

  • As much as you can, match the flooring color with the main color of the oak door.
  • Highlight the secondary color that results in the color of the door.
  • Choose a complementary color. For example, if your door has an orange or brown color, you can choose an umber hue to shift the color to a greener shade.
  • If your door has an intense dark shade, you can match it with clear paving to avoid darkening the room.
  • Consider the walls, ceilings, furniture, and other fixtures when selecting the flooring color.

Following the matching strategies can be tricky. You may also have to check color samples or get advice from interior designers for the right color. If you have a hard time matching the oak door and the floor color, you can coordinate colors instead.

Coordinating Colors

You may not get the perfect or exact match, but coordinating colors can still give a consistent look. Coordinating allows you to have more freedom with the colors for your flooring. You can do this by checking a flooring sample with your oak door finish.

It is also nice to have some contrast. If the colors are matching too much, it creates distraction instead of harmony.

Floor Color Recommendations

In the United States, the two main categories of oak are red and white. Red oak color ranges from cream to deep reddish-brown. For white oak, the color ranges from white to brownish-gray. From here, you can determine the floor color to match or complement your oak doors. Below are the common colors you can choose from:

Yellow Or Orange

The natural warm undertone of red oak can go well with yellow, orange, or apricot shades. Colors like yellow ocher or orange sienna bring warmth and brightness to your home. If you want to accentuate your oak doors, select darker and warmer floor tones, like mustard yellow.


For traditional and contemporary home styles, red shades add depth and warmth to a room. If you have red oak doors, the red amplifies a sense of boldness and adds some drama to your home. Wood flooring colors like cherry or mahogany can match your red oak doors.

Dark Brown To Black

Dark floor colors create a bold but sleek style for your home for a modern or contemporary style. A light white oak door can get a dark hue with darker floor colors (ex. charcoal or dark ebony). The downside with choosing dark-colored flooring is its high maintenance. As much as possible, the floor must be spotless and free of dust.

Neutral Colors

For white or bleached oak doors, neutral colors can make your space feel large and more open. Neutral colors include cream, soft browns, beige, and greiges. These colors are also perfect for blending in with other pieces of your interior. If you want to soften the place, you can choose warm beige or taupe for your floor color.


Gray is a trendy choice for floor color. Gray with blue and green undertones match well with oak. Whether cool or warm or bold or light, gray is a versatile color for the floor. You can check samples to get the right shade of gray.

Do Oak Doors Go Well With Gray Flooring?

Gray goes well with oak doors. It is a neutral color that can blend with other colors. Most modern and contemporary house trends go for gray shades. Even if you have a traditional home design, adding some grays can modernize your space. Gray flooring is also easy to clean up, and dust is less visible. Hence, oak doors will look fabulous with gray flooring.

What Color Wooden Floor Goes With Oak Doors?

Oak doors are a good match with wooden flooring. Wooden floors amplify the natural style of your house. In the United States, oak is the best choice for hardwood flooring. Oak flooring is durable and gives excellent results when stained. Most interior designers prefer white oak instead of red oak with pinkish undertones. As much as possible, closely match the colors of your oak door and wood flooring.

Oak Hardwood Stains

Oak stains are commonly reddish to deep yellow undertones. Oak is naturally light in color, which makes it best for staining. Staining makes the undertones stand out more and bring out the natural wood feel. There is a variety of stain colors for hardwood to suit your home design and style preferences.

Here are the common colors for oak hardwood flooring:

  • Oak Natural Finish
  • Autumn Wheat
  • Gold Pecan
  • Ivory
  • English Chestnut

You can also purchase wood samples to check if the chosen stain color suits your floor.

Other choices for hardwood flooring include walnut, cherry, maple, and hickory. The colors can be darker or lighter than the color of oak. For example, walnut hardwood is an excellent choice if you want a darker and richer tone for your home.

Here are some hardwood floor colors you can choose from:

  • Dark (ex. chocolate brown or true black)
  • Light (like pale cream)
  • Off-white or whitewashed
  • Medium shades (ex. cool brown walnut or yellow oak)
  • Gray and similar blends (ex. light charcoal, greiges)

Wood Flooring Finishes

Hardwood floorings can also come in different finishes. With the right floor finish, the beauty of the wood will stand out. Aside from highlighting the wood, hardwood finishes also act as a protective layer. As much as possible, the coating must protect the wood for a long time.

Here are the common hardwood finishes you can choose from:

  • Water-based polyurethane - For an easy application, quick-dry, and clear finish. This type of finish prevents the wood from yellowing.
  • Oil-based polyurethane - Best for high-traffic spaces. Very durable, affordable, and low-maintenance.
  • Moisture-cure urethane - Great for a tough flooring finish, but it is very hard to apply.
  • Wax - Used for a low-sheen finish; very easy to apply and dries quickly.
  • Shellac - For a more natural look, it dries quickly and emits fewer VOCs.
  • Oil Sealer - Good choice for highlighting the wood grain and brings out the beauty of the wood.
  • Acid-cure - A common finish for elaborate or parquet flooring.
  • Aluminum Oxide - For low maintenance and long-lasting protection in high-traffic areas.

In Closing

Oak doors can go well with most hues and stains. With oak's unique texture and grain, you can combine your home elements with ease. It is not necessary to match all your floors with the color of the door oak. Rather, you can select complementing colors that suit your home design. If you go for a modern style, do not be afraid to choose gray hues for the flooring. If you are towards a natural feel, you can also opt for wood flooring. Regardless of the options, always choose what makes you happy.

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