What Is The Best Material For Storm Doors?

Storm doors can come in different materials such as aluminum, wood, and fiberglass. But which is the best among these materials for storm doors? We've consulted with industry experts to determine which material is best, and here’s what we found out.

Aluminum is the best material for storm doors because of its resistance to different elements. Aluminum storm doors can usually resist damage from rust and harsh weather. It's also an ideal choice for interested buyers on tight budgets since aluminum can be fairly inexpensive.

If you still have inquiries about storm doors, don’t worry. In this post, we’ll talk about the materials used in storm doors in greater detail. We’ll also discuss the best storm doors for security and cold weather along with other important pieces of information. Just keep reading!

A white front door is covered with snow after a blizzard, What Is The Best Material For Storm Doors?

Storm Door Options To Choose From

Storm door manufacturers use different materials in producing quality storm doors. They include the following:

  • Wood: A durable material famed for its reusable characteristics. It can resist hot temperatures because of its low thermal conductivity. However, wood can be susceptible to harm from prolonged humidity, causing it to warp.
  • Aluminum: A fairly lightweight material with great sustainability. It’s an economical choice while providing optimal rigidity and security to homes.
  • Fiberglass: A versatile choice, thanks to a relatively endless array of color and design options. Fiberglass storm doors also don’t require maintenance to retain their functionality and looks.

The Best Material for Storm Doors

Wooden facade with large window and insect protection

Aluminum is considered the superior choice for storm doors.

Aluminum is an ideal material for storm doors because of its resistance to rust and weather damage. Quality aluminum storm doors can also retain their aesthetics and functionality throughout their lifetime thanks to anti-rusting finishes.

Moreover, certain aluminum storm doors, especially those coming from known brands, may be cheaper than other options. In turn, aluminum variants might even be an excellent choice for interested buyers who have a tight budget.

Is A Wood Core Storm Door Better Than Aluminum?

Certain wood core storm door designs can be better than the fairly straightforward design of their aluminum counterparts. But wood is generally more susceptible to weather damage than aluminum.

Contracting significant moisture and humidity may cause wood to warp and swell. But some types of wood, such as cherry, oak, and maple, might resist weather damage better than other wooden options.

In turn, using wooden storm doors might not be ideal for properties in humid and wet regions. Practicing regular maintenance and treatment is a must for homeowners if they install wood core storm doors.

Which Storm Door Material Is Better At Hiding Scratches And Dings?

Vinyl storm doors have the advantage of hiding dings and scratches better than aluminum and wood. This is because vinyl doors will usually have the same color throughout the doorway’s surface.

Best Storm Doors For Cold Weather

Open door in winter

The following storm doors are generally better than others in insulating homes in colder weather:


This storm door helps minimize drafts during winter thanks to its weather-stripping feature. It also has a wooden core topped with a vinyl finish for extra security. Moreover, this option can even conform to uneven sills, reducing DIY costs.

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2. LARSON 35004032 Storm Door

Made with a thick heavy gauge aluminum frame, this storm door can help prevent cold air from entering homes. The lightweight material can be quite strong when subjected to freezing temperatures.

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3. Titan Meshtech Ultimate Security Storm Door

This storm door can help prevent cold drafts from getting inside. The mesh pattern delivers an uninterrupted view without sacrificing insulating capability.

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Best Storm Doors For Security

Sunny doorway empty room

The following storm doors are great options for making homes more secure:

1. LARSON 9550062 Storm Door

This storm door has magnetic weatherstrip seals. This feature keeps the door from slamming into the frame. Also, the magnetic seals help keep the door closed tightly, delivering optimal security.

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2. LARSON 028842U Storm Door

This particular storm door has a classic look that can fit homes with vintage themes. It also has a solid wooden core with a weather-stripped finish for extra durability and longevity.

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3. LARSON 14604122 Storm Door

With this model, homeowners and guests can enjoy enhanced security without sacrificing ventilation and visibility. The full glass design also helps in letting in optimal natural light to homes. In turn, it may also help in reducing construction costs for additional lighting.

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What Is A Splitview Storm Door?

Among the different storm door styles, the splitview has glass panels at the top and bottom of the doorway. These pieces of glass may slide vertically, providing users with improved airflow and visibility when needed.

Also, screens in splitview storm doors might be retractable and fitted into the upper chamber.

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Storm Door Installed?

The average cost of a storm door installation is $369. Interested buyers should expect to pay between $181 and $586 depending on different factors. These elements include:

  • Storm door type: $100 to $1,300
  • Glass: $150 to $360
  • Entry and storm door installation: $500 to $1,400
  • Professional labor: $75 to $400
  • Reframing: About $300

Certain brands may have different pricing structures for their storm doors than those of other companies in the sector.

For example, Provia generally sells its storm doors for $600 to $700. Although the choices from this brand are fairly pricey, the company offers a 15-year warranty for the screens.

Some storm doors may also come with extra features, such as screens. But these screens can become damaged if people or dogs walk into them. Learn how to prevent this in this post: How To Keep People (And Dogs!) From Walking Through A Screen Door

Do Storm Doors Add Value To Your Home?

A storm door can add value to a home, as one of the benefits it offers is increased security. Take note that home appraisers will generally look for specific elements of properties in figuring out lot prices. These include different home improvements and upgrades, which may include storm doors.

Final Thoughts

Storm doors generally use different materials such as aluminum, wood, and fiberglass. But experts believe that aluminum outshines the other materials.

Aluminum storm doors can be more durable than wood and fiberglass in resisting damage from things like rust and weather damage. Also, aluminum is usually inexpensive.

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